About Doris

Doris was my grandmother. In fact I had two grandmothers by the name.

Me? You can call me Al, and if you were wondering who the face, brains & brawn behind Doris Draper is- wonder no more.

My products aren’t revolutionary, they are simple practical items you might have seen being used 50 years ago.
Growing up, often off grid. I regularly had to use old fashioned methods to suit my needs. By making my own clothes, cooking on a combustion stove, reading by candlelight and only getting beauty advice from pre 1960s literature.
Although it felt like a disadvantage at the time, as a grown woman now, I realize there’s a reason they call it the ‘good old days'.

Doris Draper was born out of my uncomfortable relationship with modern technology (albeit being dependent on it) and a desire to foster some of the ways of life that were not only normal, but totally successful and just as fabulous for our grandmothers generation.

It’s no secret that our resource use has grown over the last century, and the planet knows it… By utilizing even just a few old school techniques and lifestyle choices, I hope we can all do our bit to stay fancy, fabulous & lighter on the footprint. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring brown paper!

Doris Draper is here to tell you that your home & body can be kept prim & proper with plain old fashioned soap and water. Doris isn’t trying to change the world, but she does hope to change the mindset of the modern homemaker.

It isn't about a revolution- it’s a time warp