Cleaning hints for the basic biddy

House Cleaning

A habit, simple for centuries, and only a few decades ago- turned toxic. How did we go from using vinegar on everything, to having poisons information on hand just for cleaning a bench top?

There are great developments in technology and chemistry that have enhanced the way we live. But using toxic chemicals for basic cleaning processes is not necessary, and it is no secret that I endorse the use of alternative methods. Our grandparents might not call them ‘alternative’, but they might call it normal.

Scouring the shelves for non-toxic household products is an arduous and almost impossible task.


So here are some old school tips for simple

household cleaning without any of the junk.


White Vinegar: Sanitizes and deodorizes (after it dries, that is) dilute in spray bottle of water for general cleaning use.


Betty Bar: Grate your bar & add a tablespoon or more to some boiled & cooled water in a spray bottle and allow to dissolve. This will provide a lather and basic non-toxic cleanse where you need it- for bench tops, showers, floors and chopping boards


Bicarb soda: Eliminates odours and works as a scouring agent. I personally make sure to massage a teaspoon of it into my sink and rinse it before washing the dishes- always a sparkly finish. I also love using it to remove stains from walls & furniture. 


Lemon juice: Removes stains and odours.


Liquid castile soap: (olive oil based soap) Can be used for general cleaning and as a face or body cleanser (find at your local health food store)